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Japanese Patent JP3378325
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PURPOSE: To provide a controller for an electromagnetic pump, which is capable of high-efficiency operation, being excellent in flow stability in low-load area, not to mention the time of rated-load operation, in the operation of an electromagnetic pump.
CONSTITUTION: The controller of an electromagnetic pump is equipped with a voltage controller 19, as the drive power source for an electromagnetic pump 8, and a cyclone converter 13 provided with a frequency controller. Furthermore, a flow controller 16 for controlling this is connected, and the flow controller 16 is equipped with functional equipment 18 of pump property in such range that V/f ratio is made always constant in a target flow value or that the V/t ratio where the efficiency becomes optimum in the target flow value is per unit or under, in the case that V/f: the ratio of the voltage V at the time of rated-flow operation to frequency f is per standard unit, in respective of the power being supplied from the cyclone converter 13 to the electromagnetic pump 8 at the time of flow control of the electromagnetic pump 8.

Ota, Hiroyuki
Ito, Jun
Sakai, Tatsuya
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Publication Date:
February 17, 2003
Filing Date:
December 28, 1993
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International Classes:
H02K44/02; (IPC1-7): H02K44/02
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猪股 祥晃