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Japanese Patent JPH02102616
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PURPOSE: To offer the cooker of satisfactory cooking performance and usability by composing the cooker of a baking net, a honeycomb-shaped ceramic formed body to be positioned under the baking net and to have a satisfactory far a infrared radiating characteristic, a sheath heater to heat this formed body and a water receiving tray to be position in the lowest part of these above mentioned parts.

CONSTITUTION: A baking net 2 to load an object to be cooked is set in the highest part of a frame body 1 and a honeycomb-shaped ceramic formed body 3 of the satisfactory far infrared radiating characteristic is set under this baking net 2. This ceramic formed body 3 is operated as a radiating surface to bake the cooking object to be loaded on the baking net 2 and efficiently heated by a sheath heater 4 to be inserted into a through hole 3a which is provided in the formed body 3. A water receiving tray 5 to be positioned in the lowest part is provided freely attachably and detachably. When a fish or meat is baked by this cooker, far infrared rays are efficiently radiated from the ceramic formed body 3, which is heated by the sheath heater 4, and the fish or meat can be uniformly heated. Then, drip or oil to be generated during cooking passes through the ceramic formed body 3 and arrives at the water receiving tray 5.

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April 16, 1990
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October 12, 1988
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A47J37/06; (IPC1-7): A47J37/06