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Japanese Patent JP3193957
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a crime preventive lock low in cost with excellent crime preventiveness and provided with a key excellent in portability and solidity and easily duplicated.
SOLUTION: A lock body 1 is composed of an outer cylinder 2 and a cylinder frame 3. A keyhole 4 is formed inside the cylinder frame 3, and a key insertion port 5 of the keyhole 4 is provided with a first sensor 6 for detecting an object in the keyhole 4. The cylinder frame 3 on the other end side of the key insertion port 5 is provided with a cylinder rotating plate 7. The cylinder rotating plate 7 is provided with a second sensor 8 for detecting the rotation of the cylinder frame 3. Lock mechanism 10 is installed near a rod fit-in hole 9 and provided with a rod 11 in a laterally slidable manner, and the tip of the rod 11 is fitted into the rod fit-in hole 9 to impede the rotation of the cylinder frame 3. Control mechanism 17 is actuated by feeding from a battery 18 and connected to receive signals from the first and second sensors 6, 8.

Takaune, Shigenori
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Publication Date:
July 30, 2001
Filing Date:
May 26, 1999
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Takaune, Shigenori
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E05B17/20; E05B15/00; E05B45/08; E05B47/00; (IPC1-7): E05B17/20; E05B15/00; E05B45/08