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Japanese Patent JP3062375
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PURPOSE: To position a terminal precisely in crimping so as to surely carry out crimping between an electric wire and the terminal by providing a guide, which positions the point end of the terminal just before crimping performed by a crimper and an anvil, on a ram side.
CONSTITUTION: According to the lowering action of a ram 5, a guide part. 15d touches the point end of a core wire crimping part 1a in a terminal 1 and the terminal 1 is slightly moved in the left direction by a slanting face of the guide part 15d, and consequently, positioning of the terminal 1 is carried out. When the ram 5 is lowered further, springs 15b, 15c of the guide 15 are shrunk previously as the spring force of a support holder 19 is stronger than that of the terminal guide 15. Therefore, the guide part 15d remains touching the point end of the crimping part 1a in the terminal 1, so that the position of the terminal 1 is not shifted even when the ram 5 is lowered. When the ram 5 is completely lowered, a crimping face 7a of a wire barrel crimper 7 presses the crimping face 1a, so that the crimping part 1a is crimped in the predetermined position of a core wire 3a of an electric wire 3. In this way, the terminal 1 can be crimped to the electric wire 3 precisely.

Koji Hirano
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Publication Date:
July 10, 2000
Filing Date:
July 28, 1993
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Tyco Electronics AMP Co., Ltd.
International Classes:
H01R43/048; (IPC1-7): H01R43/048
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Masaki Yamada (2 others)