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Japanese Patent JPS59103008
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PURPOSE:To provide an automatic response of an output and speed of a vacant cylinder against load by a method wherein as an external force is increased, a stored valve is moved under a variation of the external force pressure and then a pressure increasing piston is automatically communicated with a liquid passage. CONSTITUTION:As an external force added to a main piston 6 is increased, oil pressure in the chambers B and C and an air pressure in the chamber K are increased, a valve body 8 is moved in a direction of J in case of more than a desired pressure to cause the fluid passages 15 and 16 to be opened. The air passes through a tube 23, and a fluid passage 18 to pressurize the piston 5 and to cause the ram 7 to be moved in a direction H. Since the fluid passage 14 is closed by the valve body 8 to sealingly close the chamber C, the pressure increasing piston 5 is further pressurized. Since the ram 7 has a smaller diameter than that of the pressure increasing piston 5, pressure in the chamber C is increased, the main piston 6 is pressurized to give a high force to an external part.

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June 14, 1984
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December 05, 1982
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F15B11/028; F15B15/14; (IPC1-7): F15B15/14

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