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Japanese Patent JPH03234502
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PURPOSE: To reduce solid materials to sawdust with a simple device by a method wherein a shaft, which is inserted through the central holes of several tens of large and small circular saw blades to be fixed together and to which a pully is fixed to be coupled integrally, is supported by supports in a case, whose interior is funnel- shaped, and rotated by a motor.

CONSTITUTION: A shaft 6 is inserted through the holes 18 of several tens of large and small circular saw blades 5 in such a manner that the large blades and the small blades are alternately arranged. The blades are put on one another so as to be about 20 to 30cm in thickness while forming a difference in the stages of recesses and protrusions in the blade row on the circumferential surface, and the integrated blade thus formed is pressed by press plates 7, 8 from both side surfaces thereof to be fixed and coupled together. The shaft 6 is fixed with a pully 9 to be idly supported by supports 3, 4 fixed inside a case, and a motor 10 is fixed at a position opposed to the pully 9. A belt 12 is set between a pully 11 and the pully 9 to rotate a saw bar A with the motor 10 and, when compressed solid materials 15 such as wood pieces are put into the case 1 from the upper part thereof, the solid materials are sawed by the saw bar A to be reduced to sawdust 16. By this method, solid materials can be reduced to sawdust by a simple device.

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October 18, 1991
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February 10, 1990
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B27L11/06; (IPC1-7): B27L11/06