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Dialog detection wearable control device
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Japanese Patent JP6184615
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A wearable device 100 for controlling a controllable device 104 based on an interaction with an object 102 is disclosed. The wearable device 100 comprises a device detection unit 106 for detecting proximity of the object 102, an action detection unit 112 for detecting an action indicative of an interaction of a user wearing the wearable device 100 with the object 102 and a processing unit 108 for generating a control command for controlling the controllable device 104 based on the detected proximity of the object 102 and based on the action indicative of an interaction with the object 102. The wearable device 100 further comprises a communication unit 110 for sending the control command to the controllable device 104. Thereby, the wearable device 100 is able to detect the use of the object 102 and adjust the control parameters of the controllable device 104 to create context-related use conditions. This may improve the control of the controllable device 104 and this may offer new interaction possibilities between the wearable device 100, the controllable device 104 and the object 102.

Tiber Luka
Shrubsole Paul Antony
Doraeye Maurice Hermann Johann
Vonken Ralph Hertruda Hubertus
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August 23, 2017
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September 23, 2015
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Philips Lighting Holding BV
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G08C15/00; G08C17/02; H04M1/00; H04Q9/00
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Sakiko Shibata

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