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Japanese Patent JP3294483
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To solve problems possibly causing abnormal reading/writing of data or abnormal rotation of a disc when a hub of the disc cannot be in tight contact with a chuck magnet.
SOLUTION: A chuck magnet 104 for attracting hub of a loaded disc is fixed at a turntable part 103 of a rotor yoke 101. A swing arm 105 is arranged between the chuck magnet 104 and the rotor yoke 101 in a manner to be able to swing. The swing arm 105 is formed out of a synthetic resin having a driving pin 106a at one end has a metallic plate 107 fixed to confront the rear face of the chuck magnet 104. When the driving pin 106a agrees with a positioning hole of the hub of the loaded disc, the metallic plate 107 is attracted by a magnetic attraction force of the chuck magnet 104, so that the swing arm 105 is secured to the chuck magnet 104. As a result, the exposed driving pin 106a penetrating the chuck magnet 104 is engaged with the positioning hole of the hub.

Atsushi Masuda
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June 24, 2002
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October 12, 1995
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Alps Electric Co., Ltd.
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G11B23/00; G11B17/028; (IPC1-7): G11B17/028
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Kenjiro Take (2 outside)