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Japanese Patent JP2014188154
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To prevent thin parts of a water supply hose and a drain hose from abutting to the edge of a fall prevention metal fitting in an installation work when a dishwasher body is pushed in by sliding on an installation base.SOLUTION: A dishwasher includes: a housing 16 for supporting a washing tank 3 to be movable in a front and rear direction; a water supply hose 23 for supplying water to the inside of the washing tank 3 and a drain hose 24 for draining water in the washing tank 3 to the outside of the tank, that are arranged to be suspended from the rear surface of the housing 16 to an outside; and a fall prevention metal fitting 22 to be attached to an installation base 13, etc. and preventing a dishwasher body 18 including the housing 16 from falling forward. The water supply hose 23 and the drain hose 24 include multiple resin cores 23b, 24b that are not broken even when a metal edge, etc. is abutted to the outsides of thin parts 23a, 24a. A lock part 22b of the fall prevention metal fitting 22 has a bending portion at the distal end and is formed to have a nearly L shape so as to be abutted to the resin cores 23b, 24b before being abutted to the thin parts 23a, 24a of the water supply hose 23 and the drain hose 24.

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October 06, 2014
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March 27, 2013
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Hiroki Naito
Fujii Kentaro
Terauchi Italian 久郎