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Japanese Patent JP3695782
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PURPOSE: To obtain a new compound having strong repellent activity and antibiological activity against underwater noxious organisms and low toxicity, persistence, etc., to human body and not exercising adverse influence on ecosystem and environmental pollution and useful as an underwater noxious organism controlling agent.
CONSTITUTION: This disulfide compound is expressed by the formula R-S-S-CH2- X (R is a 1-18C alkyl; X is a halogen or SCN), e.g. a compound of the formula n-C8H7-S-S-CH2-Cl. The compound of formula I (X is a halogen) is obtained by reacting, e.g. alkylmercaptans such as n-octylmercaptan with a halogenated methyl thiocyanate. The compound of formula I (X is SCN) is obtained by reacting a compound of the formula R-S-S-CH2-X (X is a halogen) with an alkali thiocyanate.

Ryoji Kimura
Mitsuhiro Hamashima
Yuji Yamazaki
Tsuchiya Nobuko
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September 14, 2005
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November 29, 1994
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Asahi Denka Kogyo Co., Ltd.
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C07C323/03; A01N41/12; A01N47/48; C07C331/04; (IPC1-7): C07C323/03; A01N41/12; A01N47/48; C07C331/04
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Osamu Hatori