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Japanese Patent JPH10238202
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To fix a door by pushing the door in the hinge side by opening it up to a maximum, and entering a hinge female between a hinge male side stopper and a guide.

A hinge male 3 is installed in a frame of a doorway through a hinge male installing plate 1, and a hinge female 4 is also installed on a door through a hinge male installing plate 2. Next, a stopper 5 and a guide 6 are arranged on the hinge male 3, and a groove for rotation and a slide is formed in the hinge female 4, and a hinge pin 7 is engaged with this groove. when it is used, the door is opened up to a maximum, and the door is pushed-in in a condition where the end of the hinge female 4 is brought into contact with the stopper 5, the hinge female 4 side is entered between the stopper 5 and the guide 6, and the door is fixed. When the door is closed, the door is pulled, and after a fixing condition is released, the door is closed. Therefore, the door can be fixed in a single operation, and since a structure is simple, a cost can be reduced.

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Publication Date:
September 08, 1998
Filing Date:
February 24, 1997
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International Classes:
E05D11/06; E05D11/10; (IPC1-7): E05D11/10; E05D11/06