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Japanese Patent JP3424708
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PURPOSE: To enable the control of a printing position equal to or less than the arrangement of printing elements by differentiating the arranging pitch of printing elements and the min. feed pitch of a feed mechanism and changing the corresponding relation between feed quantity and the arrangement of the printing elements.
CONSTITUTION: A large number of printing elements are arranged on a printing head at a fundamental pitch of 1/180 inch in the longitudinal direction of the printing head. The printing head is fed in the direction right-angled to a line direction in the min. unit of 1/160 inch. A printing position can be determined from the sum of the feed quantity R/160 inch (R; an integer) from a reference position A and the distance (S-1)/180 inch from the reference position A to the S-th printing element and the greatest common measure 1/1440 inch of 1/160 inch and 1/180 inch is set to a unit to enable printing. A control part 32 determines an objective printing position to issue a command to a feed mechanism 24 to designate feed quantity and issues a command to a corresponding conversion part 37 to designate the printing elements to be used.

Hori, Masaaki
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Publication Date:
July 07, 2003
Filing Date:
June 07, 1995
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B41J2/01; B41J2/07; B41J2/485; B41J2/51; G06K15/10; H04N1/04; H04N1/12; H04N1/191; (IPC1-7): B41J2/01; B41J2/07; B41J2/485; B41J2/51
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武藤 勝典 (外1名)