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Japanese Patent JPH05339968
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PURPOSE: To conform a center and a joint to a floor face tile easily by pushing a discoid movable body with a rising cylinder section by a movement control stopper fixed to the collar-shaped flange section of a cylinder body with a drain hole section connected to a sewage branch pipe and fitting and arranging a tile receiver rotatable to the rising cylinder section.

CONSTITUTION: A drainage lower hole is formed to a section, where a sewage branch pipe is positioned, and the drain hole section of a cylinder body is connected directly to the sewage branch pipe. The rising cylinder section 22 of a discoid movable body is gripped and a disc 21 is moved, and the movable body is shifted in the arbitrary direction in the surface of the horizontal collar plate 33a of a collar plate-shaped flange section and the center of a tile A in a tile receiver 1 for drainage is conformed to the center of a floor face tile. When the rising cylinder section 22 is abutted against the front ends of the top faces 23a of movement control stoppers 23 at that time, movement more than that is controlled. The tile receiver 1 for drainage is turned to the rising section 22, and the tile A and the crossed joints of the floor face tile are conformed.

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Publication Date:
December 21, 1993
Filing Date:
June 10, 1992
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International Classes:
E03C1/23; (IPC1-7): E03C1/23
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浅谷 健二