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Japanese Patent JPH08242947
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PURPOSE: To lower a drawout shelf and use the whole oversurface of a shelf plate effectively by furnishing the first and second rollers in the side plate later half of the shelf plate on the left and the right outer rails of a rail frame, and providing a front and a rear rollers in the side plate front half of a base board on the inner rails, and moving fore and aft the rail frame relatively to the base board and also moving fore and aft the shelf plate relatively to the rail frame.

CONSTITUTION: The first (i) and the second rollers (ii) are borne in two places of square frames 2d, 2d of each inner surface of a left and a right side plates 2c of the shelf plate 2 of a drawout shelf 1, and a front roller (iii) and rear roller (iv) are borne on the outer side faces in two places fore and aft in the front half side of the side plates 3b, 3b of a base board 3. The outer rails 4a supporting the first and second rollers are joined by a rail frame 4 with the inner rails 4b supporting the rollers (iii) and (iv). When the shelf plate 2 is drawn out, it moves relatively to the base plate 3 being accompanied by the rail frame 4, and its connecting rod 4d comes into contact with a long hole 3c and is moved relatively to the rail frame 4 by the first and second rollers (i) and (ii) so that the drawout length is maximized.

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Publication Date:
September 24, 1996
Filing Date:
March 08, 1995
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A47B46/00; A47B77/10; (IPC1-7): A47B77/10; A47B46/00
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谷 昇