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Drink manufacture system
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Japanese Patent JP6054953
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The present invention concerns a beverage preparation machine (1) comprising : (i) a reservoir (2) for a fluid, (ii) a brewing head (3) adapted for receiving at least one ingredient capsule, (iii) a pump for pumping a predetermined volume of said fluid from said reservoir to said brewing head, such that said fluid can be injected into said capsule to mix with said ingredient under pressure and produce a predetermined volume of beverage, (iv) a heating element for optionally heating said fluid pumped from said reservoir before it enters the capsule, (v) an electronic control board able to receive commands from a control panel (5) of the machine, and actuate operation of the pump, heating element, control panel, and/or brewing head, characterized in that said control panel (5) comprises in combination: - a rotating wheel (6) which is linked to the control board such that by rotating and/or pressing the wheel, a beverage preparation parameter is set in said control board, and - illuminated means (7), at least a portion of which has the shape of a schematic cup (9), which is linked to said control board such that the state of said beverage preparation parameter within said control board is represented on said means (7).

ベストレリ, アンダース
オデ, サミュエル
タロン, クリスチャン
プライシュ, ハンスペーター
デニサルト, ジャン‐リュク
セーデュー, ローラン
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Publication Date:
December 27, 2016
Filing Date:
May 25, 2012
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ネステク ソシエテ アノニム
International Classes:
A47J31/44; A47J31/36; A47J31/40; A47J31/52
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長谷川 芳樹
黒川 朋也
清水 義憲
池田 成人
戸津 洋介

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