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Japanese Patent JP3108300
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PURPOSE: To facilitate the transition from draining process to drying process for the improvement of drying efficiency by arranging a drying heater in an air circulation path leading to the drum and by actuating the drying heater during the draining process for preheating the air.
CONSTITUTION: A draining process follows a cleaning process. A drain valve 22 is opened for the draining of solvent out of a drum 1. The drum 1 rotates in the forward direction at a high speed, with a suction valve 8 and exhaust valve 6 closed. A vapor inlet valve 24 is opened for the supply of steam to a drying heater 9 for preheating the air flowing under negative pressure into the drum 1. A drying process begins upon completion of the draining process. A pump P is activated for the solvent to travel from a solvent tank 11 to a filter F, next to a heat exchanger 12, and then back to the solvent tank 11, this process for the management of solvent temperature. A blower 5 and drying heater 9 are activated for the supply of warm air to the drum 1 for drying the laundry accommodated therein.

Sakamoto, Toshiaki
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Publication Date:
November 13, 2000
Filing Date:
December 22, 1994
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International Classes:
D06F43/00; D06F58/02; D06F58/28; (IPC1-7): D06F43/00; D06F58/28
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野河 信太郎