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Japanese Patent JP3133566
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PURPOSE: To make it possible to supply an adequate amt. of a solvent for washing from a filter or outside vessel side to a tank side.
CONSTITUTION: A microcomputer recognizes whether the solvent is supplied to the outside vessel 2 side or not in accordance with whether a liquid level float switch SW1 installed to the filter 5 is held reset or the rest is released. This microcomputer triggers a buzzer to sound and stops charging of the solvent when the amt. of the solvent supplied to the outside vessel 2 attains a prescribed value. A liquid discharge valve V1 and a tank inlet valve V3 are then opened and a pump P is driven while the other valve is held closed to supply the solvent to the tank 4. The pump P is driven until the inside of the outside vessel 2 is emptied of the solvent and thereafter the pump P is stopped when the float switch SW2 detects the full as a result of repetition of the operation described above and the buzzer sounds.

Nishino, Masafumi
Hatsuda, Koichi
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Publication Date:
February 13, 2001
Filing Date:
July 09, 1993
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International Classes:
D06F43/08; (IPC1-7): D06F43/08
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河野 登夫