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Electric actuator
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Japanese Patent JP6333918
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Provided is an electric actuator, including: a driving motor (2); a motion conversion mechanism (6) configured to convert a rotary motion of the driving motor (2) to a linear motion; and a motor case (8) configured to accommodate the driving motor (2), wherein the motor case (8) includes: a motor-case main body (69) configured to accommodate the driving motor (2) ; and a cap member (32) formed independently of the motor-case main body (69), and mounted to the motor-case main body (69), and wherein the cap member (32) includes: an insertion hole (32a) configured to insert an electrode (33) connected to the driving motor (2); and a connector part (32b) configured to connect a mating connector on which a mating terminal configured to be connected to the electrode (33) is provided.

Shimizu Tatsunori
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Publication Date:
May 30, 2018
Filing Date:
October 31, 2016
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ntn corporation
International Classes:
H02K5/00; F16H25/20; F16H25/22; H02K5/22; H02K7/06
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Kunihiko Shiromura
Tsuyoshi Kumano
Hideaki Nomura