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Japanese Patent JP3222972
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PURPOSE: To form an electrolytic cell having sufficiently electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance at a low cost by constituting the anode chamber component members of the electrolytic cell for oxidizing hydrogen to proton by an anode of specific materials.
CONSTITUTION: The inside wall surface of the box type electrolytic cell 1 used for an electrolytic process for forming an acid in the anode chamber by oxidizing the hydrogen to the proton, for example, recovery of the acid and alkali from a neutral salt is formed of a mixed coating layer composed of conductive carbon powder and water-repellent resin. The electrolytic cell is segmented to the anode chamber 3 and a cathode chamber 4 by an ion exchange membrane 2. A gas electrode 5 is arranged in the part in tight contact with the ion exchange membrane 2 in the anode chamber 3 and a meshed current collector 6 is disposed on the cathode chamber 3 side thereof and a current collecting rod 7 is connected thereto. The electrolytic cell side wall on the cathode chamber 4 side functions as the cathode 8 and is energized by a power feeding rod 9. The inside wall of the electrolytic cell 1 and the current collector 6 are coated with the mixed layers stable under electrolytic conditions and, therefore, the electrolytic cell, which has resistance to the corrosion by an electrolyte, does not contaminate the electrolyte by dissolving therein and is low in cost and excellent in performance without using costly Pt or An is formed.

Nakamatsu, Hideji
Nishiki, Yoshinori
Ashida, Takahiro
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Publication Date:
October 29, 2001
Filing Date:
February 12, 1993
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Nora, Permelec Spa DE.
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C25C7/02; C25B13/04; C25B15/00; C25C7/00; C25D21/12; (IPC1-7): C25C7/00; C25B13/04; C25B15/00; C25D21/12
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森 浩之