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Japanese Patent JP3265412
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PURPOSE: To simplify the structure of an induction pipe contg. a core for transferring molten metal and to surely connect pipes to each other by providing the end of the suction pipe with a stepped part for pipe connection and arranging the suction pipe, the induction pipe and a molten metal feed pipe on one straight line.
CONSTITUTION: The suction pipe 20 provided with the stepped part 20a for pipe connection is arranged between a melting furnace 10 and an injection sleeve 12. The suction pipe 20, the molten metal feed pipe 22 and the induction pipe 21 are arranged on one straight line. These pipes are provided with the hermeticity between each other by a pressing mechanism 23 for pressing the suction pipe 20 to the melting furnace 10 side and clamp the core 30 by fitting the core between the end 21a of the induction pipe 21 and the end of the molten metal feed pipe 22. The angle of elevation formed by the axial line of the arranged suction pipe 20, induction pipe 21 and molten metal feed pipe 22 and a horizontal line is preferably set at 3 to 15°. Since the suction pipe 20, the molten metal feed pipe 22 an the induction pipe 21 are pressed by the pressing mechanism 23, maintenance is facilitated.

Noda, Saburo
Kato, Shinichi
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Publication Date:
March 11, 2002
Filing Date:
January 31, 1994
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B22D35/00; B22D17/30; H02K44/06; (IPC1-7): B22D35/00; B22D17/30; H02K44/06