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Japanese Patent JPS638854
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PURPOSE:To use the calculator as a displaying calculator as it is even when a printer breads down by detecting whether a resetting pulse to input each time the printing from the printer is completed is normal or abnormal and interrupting a printing processing signal when the pulse is abnormal. CONSTITUTION:When an action is executed normally, a resetting pulse is sent from a printer 8 t a detecting part 7 of an arithmetic part 2 and the command of the next printing is outputted from the detecting part 7. Namely, at the place where the resetting pulse may exist, for example, and OK flag is hoisted by a main routine, and when the resetting pulse occurs, the external interruption is loaded and at once, shifted to the routine of the 'interruption privided.' Here, as the judgement whether the detected resetting pulse is normal or abnormal, concretely, whether the pulse is present or not and whether or not the pulse generating time, the pulse width and the pulse interval are normal, the presence and absence of the OK flag are confirmed, and when they are not suitable, the error flag is hoisted and the routine is extracted. When the main routine is returned and the printing processing is necessary, the error is judged immediately before that and the display calculator is obtained without the printing processing.

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Publication Date:
January 14, 1988
Filing Date:
June 27, 1986
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G06F11/30; G06F3/12; G06F15/02; (IPC1-7): G06F3/12; G06F11/30; G06F15/02