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Japanese Patent JPH04112445
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PURPOSE: To observe, together with a photo-electron image of a specimen surface, a secondary electron or reflex electron image which represents the state of the specimen surface in the identical conditions with a higher resolution, by performing a scan with an electron beam in synchronization with scanning of photo-electron image on the specimen surface.

CONSTITUTION: The output voltage from a voltage source of an energy analyzer 1 is set to an appropriate voltage which enables sensing of secondary electrons emitted by a specimen surface, and this surface is scanned with an electron beam (e), and now a secondary electron image of the specimen surface is obtained on a CRT 10. The specimen S is moved while watching this image for searching the place to be analyzed, and the place is brought to the center of view field of the CRT 10, and the surface is irradiated with X-rays. When irradiation with electron beam is stopped and the output voltage from the voltage source 14 of the energy analyzer is set to a voltage which provides sensibility for the photo-electrons of the element whose distribution is to be examined, an image to show distribution of the object element is given on the CRT 10. According to this constitution it is practicable to observe a photo-electron image and a secondary electron image, which are changed over at any desired time.

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Publication Date:
April 14, 1992
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August 31, 1990
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G01N23/225; H01J49/08; H01J49/44; (IPC1-7): G01N23/225; H01J49/08; H01J49/44