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Japanese Patent JP2669743
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PURPOSE: To offer the device in which power of light source is comparatively small, the diameter of an inserting cable can also be made small without spoiling the resolution, and a proper color tone can be obtained without spoiling a component of light allowed to irradiate an object to be photographed by providing an optical correction filter.
CONSTITUTION: The light from the light source 31 illuminates the inside of the object 11 to be photographed through an automatic diaphragm device 55 having the optical correction filter 36, and an optical transmission line 12. In an image pickup element 14, an optical image from the object 11 to be photographed is formed through a correction filter 17, and an image pickup signal is led to a signal processing circuit 22 through a signal transmission line 16. The automatic diaphragm device 33 has racks 29, 30, and pinions 27, 28 for driving each rack, and a clearance formed by the racks 29 and 30 is enlarged and reduced by a rotation of a motor 26. Based on a video signal obtained from the signal transmission line 16, a luminance signal obtained by the signal processing circuit 22 is integrated by an integration circuit 24, and a drive pulse corresponding to a value of an integral output is generated by a motor drive circuit 25 and given to the motor 26. Accordingly, the video signal is adjusted to prescribed brightness.

Kazunari Oi
Kimura Masanobu
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October 29, 1997
Filing Date:
December 25, 1991
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Toshiba Corporation
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A61B1/04; G02B23/26; H04N7/18; (IPC1-7): G02B23/26
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Noriyuki Noriyuki (1 person outside)