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Japanese Patent JP3046994
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PURPOSE: To simplify control through which a room temperature is controlled to a constant value by providing a temperature detecting means to detect temperature of water flowing in a refrigerant and water heat-exchanger, a temperature detecting means to detect a temperature of water flowing out from the refrigerant and water heat-exchanger, and a control means to control the number of revolutions of an engine based on temperature signals outputted therefrom.
CONSTITUTION: A temperature detecting means S1 to detect a temperature of water flowing through a piping and output the detecting temperature is arranged in a water piping 3 before the water piping is branched into a water piping 3A and a water piping 3B, and a temperature detecting means S2 to detect and output a temperature of water flowing through a piping at this time is arranged downstream from the confluent point of a confluent pipe. A controller 10 with a built-in computer rotates an engine 62 at the number of revolutions calculated based on a difference between temperature, detected by a temperature detecting means S2 during cooling operation and a set temperature. This constitution controls water, fed from a refrigerant/water heat- exchanger to an indoor heat-exchanger, to a given temperature, whereby control of a room temperature to a constant value is simplified.

Noguchi, Taisei
Kimura, Yoshihisa
Maruyama, Fumio
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Publication Date:
May 29, 2000
Filing Date:
February 24, 1995
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International Classes:
F25B27/00; F25B1/00; (IPC1-7): F25B27/00; F25B1/00
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芝野 正雅