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Japanese Patent JP3943225
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To operate a machine by using a filter capsule by opening the upside of gap between two hot water chamber parts with an upper lever and closing its bottom side with a lower lever while turning an operating lever when starting preparation.
SOLUTION: A hot water chamber part 2 in a hot water unit 4 is fixed on a heating body 5 for boiling hot water, and a hot water chamber part 3 is formed as one part of cylinder 8. An upper lever 15 closes the upper part of gap 1 between the hot water chamber parts 2 and 3, and a lower lever 18 closes the bottom side of gap 1. A gear 19 is provided with an operating lever 22, and the upper lever 15 is turned by an operating arm 23 attached to the gear 19 and a cam 27 of operating arm 23 so as to get out of the gap 1. In the process of engaging the cam 27 with a cam 28 of upper lever 15, the cam 28 touches a spring lug 29 of lower lever 18, and the lower lever 18 is rotated from an opening position on the bottom side of gap 1 to a closing position. The upper part of gap 1 is opened, the bottom side is closed and a filter capsule 30 can be thrown into the gap 1 and stopped between the hot water chambers 2 and 3.

Weber Rene
Fire Arbent George
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July 11, 2007
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February 18, 1998
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Erdom Rothrist Age
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A47J31/34; A47J31/36; A47J31/40; A47J31/44; A47J31/46; (IPC1-7): A47J31/34; //A47J31/44; A47J31/46
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Sadayuki Hosoi
Mitsuo Chonan