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Japanese Patent JP3891640
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a structure which has high rigidity and high reliability, by spreading a tilting member between tilting member retainers, and by transmitting load due to tension of the tilting member to a transverse member through a longitudinal member or a connecting mechanism.
SOLUTION: A pair of tilting member retainers 20 on both sides of a connecting member are attached to a longitudinal member 2. The tilting member retainers 20 are block-shaped objects made of resin material, and are fastened and fixed to the longitudinal member 2 using clamp bolts 21. The retainers 20 restrain the connecting member 11 from moving longitudinally to the longitudinal member 2. A tilting member attaching part 22 is formed projectively on the retainers 20, and tilting members 5 are attached to the attaching part 22. In expanding condition, both diagonally spread tilting members 5 are spread with a given tension, and even in shrinkage or mid-shrinkage condition, one tilting member 5 is always spread with a given tension. Tension of the tilting member 5 acts to the longitudinal member 2 through the retainers 20, and transmits from the longitudinal member 2 to a transverse member 4 through the connecting member 11.

Kakuman Okazaki
Atsushi Kurihara
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Publication Date:
March 14, 2007
Filing Date:
June 12, 1997
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Japan Airplane Co., Ltd.
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F16S3/00; B64G1/22; (IPC1-7): F16S3/00; B64G1/22
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Takehiko Suzue
Sadao Muramatsu
Ryo Hashimoto
Satoshi Kono
Makoto Nakamura