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Japanese Patent JP3201069
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PURPOSE: To enable vacuum sealing of an outlet of plasma exhaust pipe without using a vacuum sealing valve by pressure-bonding or fusing the end portion of the outlet of plasma exhaust pipe after the interior of plasma exhaust pipe is evacuated.
CONSTITUTION: A generator is provided with a sealed portion 16A which is formed by crushing the end portion of the outlet side of a metallic plasma exhaust pipe 15 to which a plasma guide pipe 24 is joined through an insulated joint 23. A gap portion 9 is formed by inserting an electrode pair 6A, 6B into the insulated joint 23 and sealing agents 22 composed of an alloy are deposited on the junction areas of diaphragm 15, plasma guide pipe 24, insulated joint 23, electrode pair 6A, 6B and plasma exhaust pipe 16 in order to attain the vacuum sealing for the inside of gap portion 9. Moreover, the plasma exhaust pipe 16 uses a thin metal pipe to form a sealing portion 16A at the end portion thereof and the sealing portion 16A is formed after vacuum evacuation for inside of exhaust pipe 16 which is performed before power generation. As a result, a vacuum sealing valve can be ruled out.

Miyamoto, Masahiro
Hiroshige, Noritoshi
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Publication Date:
August 20, 2001
Filing Date:
May 12, 1993
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International Classes:
H02K44/08; H02K44/12; (IPC1-7): H02K44/12; H02K44/08
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篠部 正治