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Japanese Patent JP3284660
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PURPOSE: To increase an electromotive force without enlargement of the cross- section in the gas space side by introducing a constitution where an electrode pair is divided, together with a gap portion, into a plurality of pairs through an insulated separation wall and each electrode pair is connected in series.
CONSTITUTION: In an explosive generator, two electrode pairs 61A and 61B, 62A and 62B are separated with each other, together with gap portions 91, 92, through an insulated separation wall 25 made of an insulation plate, the electrodes 61A and 62B are conductively connected with a connection lead 24 and the electrodes 62A and 61B are connected with a current lead 7 for connection with external load. When plasma introduced from the gas space flows into the gap portions 91, 92, the respective electrode pairs 61A and 61B, 62A and 62B generate an electromotive force and when two gap portions 91, 92 are accommodated within the gap portion of the conventional apparatus, an electromotive force between the current lead 7 is two-folded since a gap length of electrode pair is not changed. As a result, an apparatus size can be reduced remarkably, because an electromotive force can be enhanced without increasing a cross-section in the gas space side.

Miyamoto, Masahiro
Hiroshige, Noritoshi
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Publication Date:
May 20, 2002
Filing Date:
May 12, 1993
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H02K44/08; H02K44/10; (IPC1-7): H02K44/10; H02K44/08
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篠部 正治