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Japanese Patent JP3631730
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To feed a subject to be moved in a certain direction between a right or left withdrawn position and a retrieved position located halfway between the right and left withdrawn positions.
SOLUTION: A pair of engagement members 50 are directly moved in opposite directions parallel to the feed direction of trays and between each locking/unlocking position P3 where the members can be detachably locked to a guide 31 at the leading end of each tray on a second withdrawn position and locking/unlocking positions P1, P2 where the members can be detachably locked to the guide 31 of each tray on the retrieved position. Also at each locking/unlocking position, each engagement member 50 is directly moved in a direction perpendicular to the feed direction of the trays.

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森 良三
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Publication Date:
March 23, 2005
Filing Date:
June 07, 2002
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E04H6/20; E04H6/18; (IPC1-7): E04H6/20; E04H6/18
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酒井 一
蔵合 正博