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Japanese Patent JP3424709
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To facilitate the fine adjustment of the entering angle of a filament body to a traverse guide for moving the filament body in the direction of a winding shaft by constituting traverse mechanism in such a way as to be able to adjust the fitting angle of the traverse guide to an oscillating arm.
SOLUTION: In a filament body winder 1, a cam box 33 is fitted in a fitting angle changeable state to an oscillating arm 5 by fitting mechanism 4. An oblong hole 41 of circular arc shape is provided on the oscillating arm 5 side of the cam box 33, and the cam box 33 is installed on the oscillating arm 5 side by a fixture 42. The fitting mechanism 4 can adjust the fitting angle of a traverse guide 31 to the oscillating arm 5 by rotating the cam box 33 in relation to the oscillating arm 5, with the oblong hole 41 as a guide. The fine adjustment of the entering angle of a line body 2 to the traverse guide 31 can thereby be facilitated.

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Kasai, Keisuke
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Publication Date:
July 07, 2003
Filing Date:
July 28, 1995
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B65H54/28; B65H54/30; D01D7/00; D01H1/36; D02H5/00; (IPC1-7): B65H54/28; B65H54/30; D01D7/00; D01H1/36; D02H5/00
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塩野入 章夫