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Japanese Patent JP2001293988
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To provide a filing implement making a binding mechanism part fittable and removable so that handling of paper of an arbitrary page, such as copying, extraction, replacement or addition thereof, be facilitated and that the binding mechanism part can be changed.

The filing implement is folded at a bending part 20 located almost in the central part of a cover 2 constituting a file cover and paper 4 with holes is bound therein. The implement has a constitution wherein sheets 1 each having slippery and flexible linear bodies 31 and 32 planted at positions corresponding to binding holes 41 of the paper 4 and in the vicinity of one side part of the sheet are inserted respectively into supporting parts 21 provided on the opposite sides of the bending part 20 of the cover 2 and the linear parts 31 and 32 opposed to each other on the opposite sides of the bending part 20 are inserted through the binding holes 41 from the opposite sides of the paper 4 and made to intersect each other so as to hold the paper 4. The sheets 1 can be fitted and removed without impairing each structural part.

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Publication Date:
October 23, 2001
Filing Date:
April 17, 2000
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B42F13/06; (IPC1-7): B42F13/06
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役 昌明 (外4名)