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Japanese Patent JP3719803
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To improve the quality and the positioning precision of a die, and reduce a vibration by a method wherein a drum supporting body is provided between a pair of right and left erected supporting columns, and a cooling drum is vertically movably supported by the drum supporting body, and the cooling drum is disengageably locked at an optional height using a lock mechanism.
SOLUTION: Right and left, a pair of supporting columns 6, 7 are erected for each drum supporting body 4, and a lateral frame 8 is bridged between them, and a bearing part for the rotating shaft of a cooling drum 2, is provided in a movable housing 10. Under the movable housing 10, a jack (vertical movement driving mechanism) 11 which drives a vertical movement of the cooling drum 2, is respectively provided. Also, on the supporting column 7 on the right side, a lock mechanism 14 which disengageably locks the cooling drum at an optional height, and prevents the cooling drum 2 from shaking, is provided, and on the lock mechanism 14, a guide block and a clamping device 16 are provided. Then, the clamping body of the clamping device 16 is moved to an engagement releasing device when this film casting device is set, and the cooling drum 2 is vertically moved by the jack 11.

Takayoshi Sano
Noriyuki Obuchi
Ryuichi Wakita
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November 24, 2005
Filing Date:
January 09, 1997
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Toshiba Machine Co., Ltd.
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B29C47/88; B29D7/01; C08J5/18; B29L7/00; (IPC1-7): B29C47/88
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Takehiko Suzue
Sadao Muramatsu
Atsushi Tsuboi
Ryo Hashimoto
Satoshi Kono
Makoto Nakamura
Shoji Kawai