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Japanese Patent JP3905514
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a fixing device by which an unfixed toner can steadily be fixed by restraining thermal expansion of a drive member and smoothly rotating a heat roller and pressure roller without causing fluctuations in the peripheral speeds of the rollers.
SOLUTION: The heat roller or pressure roller is constructed as a drive roller 51 that is rotated by driving force from a drive motor. The drive roller has a cylindrical form, and the drive member 52 for transmitting the drive force from the drive motor to the drive roller has an almost conical form. The drive member is engaged with the drive roller so as to move axially forward or backward while the leading end of the drive member, whose peripheral wall cross-sectional area is smaller, is fitted to the inside from the axial end face of the drive roller. A helical gear 52b for transmitting the drive force from the drive motor is integrally disposed at the proximal end of the drive member, whose cross-sectional area is larger.

Katsura Norifumi
Tomohiro Yamashita
Koji Aoki
Yoshiyuki Nagai
Okumura Yoshinobu
Kenji Kitami
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Publication Date:
April 18, 2007
Filing Date:
December 24, 2003
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Sharp Corporation
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G03G15/20; F16H1/08; (IPC1-7): G03G15/20; F16H1/08
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Yoshiro Kurauchi