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Japanese Patent JP3700265
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To facilitate the discrimination by visual observation and to make it possible to perform observation by an image and quantitative evaluation by projecting a geometrical pattern on a resin sheet, photographing the reflected image of the profile of the pattern distorted by a flow mark with a camera in the specified arrangement and evaluating the image.
SOLUTION: An intersection angle γ of a flow-mark line and the straight line of a streak pattern is 20°-70°, optimally, 40°-50°. Furthermore, the disturbance of a profile is most increased when an angle β between the optical axis of a camera and the straight line of the streak pattern is in the range of 30°-60°. An angle α formed by the optical axis of the camera 3, which receives the image of the disturbance of the profile of a geometric pattern, and the surface of a resin sheet 2 is recommendably 10°-80°, optimally 20°-40°. When the reflected wave is actually photographed, the profile of the geometric pattern is distorted by the flow mark, the distorted image is visually evaluated directly or the image is received from the camera 3, and the image is applied into an image analyzer. The degree of the distortion by the flow mark is visually evaluated, and the degree is converted into the numerical value and computed.

雪岡 聡
佐藤 直基
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Publication Date:
September 28, 2005
Filing Date:
July 17, 1996
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G01B11/24; G01B11/30; G06T1/00; G06T7/00; G07C3/14; (IPC1-7): G01B11/24; G01B11/30; G07C3/14
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