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Japanese Patent JPH06293278
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PURPOSE: To provide a forklift capable of rotating by a very small radius of rotation at the time of load carrying work in a narrow site such as a rice field or the like.

CONSTITUTION: A forklift is provided with a machine body 1 having a prime mover 3, forklift device 13 arranged before the machine body 1, and a running device comprising a pair of wheels 7, 9 arranged in both right/left sides of the machine body 1 and connected to a drive system of the prime mover 3 through each clutch mechanism and a caster 11 arranged in a rear side of the machine body 1, and since the forklift is constituted so as to rotate by stopping one running unit and driving the other by operating the clutch mechanism at rotating time, the machine body 1 is rotated with the stopped running device serving as the center, to obtain an extremely small radius of rotation.

Application Number:
Publication Date:
October 21, 1994
Filing Date:
May 10, 1993
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International Classes:
B62D11/08; B62D11/22; B66F9/075; (IPC1-7): B62D11/08; B62D11/22; B66F9/075
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Tatsuhiko Ishigaki