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Japanese Patent JP3703918
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To form high dimensional and positional accuracies of a resist pattern by a method, wherein the throughputs of deposition and/or etching treatment is changed according to the shift in the resist pattern, formed after a developing treatment from the design.
SOLUTION: If an isotropic etching treatment of a pattern 11 (indicated by the arrow shown in Fig. (b)) is performed, the dimension of the pattern 11 becomes smaller as in a pattern 12 and if an anisotropic etching treatment (indicated by the arrow shown in Fig (c)) with respect the pattern 11 is performed from one direction, a pattern 13, having not only its line width but its position are changed, is obtained. When a deposition treatment 14 of the pattern 11 is performed as a whole (isotropically) as shown in Fig, (d), the line width of the pattern 11 is made wider. The line width and position of the pattern 11 can be corrected by performing a deposition treatment 15 having a directivity of the pattern 11 as shown in Fig(e). By performing these treatments of the pattern 11 with a method, wherein the throughputs of the treatments are changed within the surface of the same substrate in etching, by an application of an electric field or a magnetic field to one part of a deposition atmosphere, the distribution of the feed rate for etching gas or deposition gas and the like or in a combination of the etching thereof, the application and the distribution or the like, a correction for the shift in the pattern 11 from the design value of the pattern 11 is formed.

Iwao Higashikawa
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October 05, 2005
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September 20, 1996
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Toshiba Corporation
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H01L21/302; H01L21/3065; H01L21/3213; (IPC1-7): H01L21/3065; H01L21/3213
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Takehiko Suzue
Sadao Muramatsu
Atsushi Tsuboi
Ryo Hashimoto
Satoshi Kono
Makoto Nakamura
Shoji Kawai