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Japanese Patent JP3239392
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PURPOSE: To provide the subject machine in which the amount of clothes is determined in a short time after preengagement operation begins to be preset, a detergent corresponding to the amount of the clothes can be thrown thereinto, and the time when washing operation preengaged is to be started is preset corresponding to the amount of the clothes, and to prevent the clothes wrinkle from being left in that state after the washing operation is ended.
CONSTITUTION: When preengagement operation begins to be preset, the rotary angle of a motor 5, which drives a pulsator rotatably arranged in a washing and spin-drying receptacle, is detected by an encoder 15, and the output therefrom is inputted into a determining means 17 for the amount of clothes in the washing and spin-drying receptacle. When the operation that a motor 5 is driven during a definite time T1 and is suspended during a definite time T2, is repeated several times before water is supplied into the washing and spin-drying receptacle by a control means 18, the determining means 17 determines the amount of the clothes by the output from the encoder 15 during a definite time T3 starting the suspension of the operation. On the basis of this result, the time when washing-operation preengaged is to be started is preset and the washing operation is ended at the preset time independently of the amount of the clothes.

Nakamura, Takeshi
Kenjo, Yoshitoyo
Nakamura, Yoshiyuki
Adachi, Kazutoshi
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Publication Date:
December 17, 2001
Filing Date:
November 07, 1991
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International Classes:
D06F33/02; (IPC1-7): D06F33/02
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
岩橋 文雄 (外2名)