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Japanese Patent JP2020175007
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To enable connection of electronic equipment to a wiring while safely maintaining the equipment even in a bench table as furniture with a top plate.SOLUTION: A furniture system Sys includes: furniture 1 with a top plate, having a pair of supporting leg bodies separated from each other in a first direction and erected on a floor F, a top plate 12 supported from below by the pair of supporting leg bodies, and a wiring insertion part 13 disposed at an undersurface 12b side of the top plate, and allowing insertion of a wiring C to be connected to electronic equipment E; and a wagon device 2 having a furniture body part 21 having an article housing space S3 capable of housing the electronic equipment therein, and a caster device 22 disposed on the undersurface of the furniture body part. A wiring insertion hole 216 to pass the wiring from the inside to the outside of the article housing space is formed in a housing portion arranged in a space at the undersurface side of the top plate in the furniture body part. The wiring is guided from the article housing space through the wiring insertion hole to the wiring insertion part.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 5

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Publication Date:
October 29, 2020
Filing Date:
April 22, 2019
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International Classes:
A47B13/00; A47B17/00; A47B31/00; A47B91/06
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Yasushi Matsunuma
Suzuki Mitsuyoshi