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Japanese Patent JP3852384
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a low-cost water heater provided with functions of reheating bath and space heating other than supplying hot water.
SOLUTION: In this water heater, feeding of combustion gas to a combustion section 2a for supplying hot water and a combustion section 2b for objects other than supplying hot water is performed by branch pipes 11q, 11f made by branching a gas pipe 11 at a branch point P, and gas flow rate control valves 13 for controlling feed quantity of combustion gas to burners 4 respectively communicated with the respective branch pipes 11q, 11f are provided to the respective branch pipes 11q, 11f. A gas flow rate sensor 14 is provided to upstream side of the branch point P. Distribution ratio of the combustion gas for the combustion sections 2a, 2b is found by valve opening of the gas flow rate control valve 13 at a control means, and the detected value of the gas flow rate sensor 14 is apportioned on the basis of the distribution ratio for determining feed quantity of the combustion gas for the respective combustion sections 2a, 2b.

Akira Ota
Hidenori Hata
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November 29, 2006
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August 06, 2002
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Noritsu Co., Ltd.
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F23K5/06; F24H1/00; F23N1/00; (IPC1-7): F24H1/00; F23K5/06; F23N1/00
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Shogo Sano
Kiyoshi Samukawa