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Japanese Patent JP3756347
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a gas cooking stove that can improve the heating efficiency of an object to be heated such as a pan with a small diameter by setting the incline of a flame hole for composing an outer-periphery burner port row larger for erecting flame in the gas cooking stove with a cooking stove burner with the outer-periphery burner port row.
SOLUTION: In a gas cooking stove equipped with a housing H that has a top 11 with a burner hole 12, and a cooking stove burner 2 that is arranged in the burner hole 12 and at the same time has an outer-periphery burner port row 20, the elevation of each burner port 53 for composing the outer-periphery burner port row 20 is set to 45 to 60 degrees, and at the same time the position of the upper end of each flame hole 53 is arranged at a part being lower than the top 11. In flame F formed by the outer-periphery burner port row 20, secondary air is supplied to the middle part of the flame F from the lower outer- periphery side of the top 11 for allowing the flame F to deviate to an upper part.

Masanori Okamoto
Masao Aramatsu
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March 15, 2006
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June 10, 1999
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Rinnai Corporation
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F24C3/08; (IPC1-7): F24C3/08
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Kenji Ishiguro