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Japanese Patent JPS6030045
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PURPOSE: To use a glow lamp as the only bimetal so as to reduce the space needed to accommodate a metal vapor electric-dishcarge lamp by making the glow lamp by installing a self-heating heat-responsible element in contact with a heat-responsible element which is one of a pair of electrodes.

CONSTITUTION: An emission tube 1 and a glow lamp 2' which is used as a starter are installed in the outer tube 6 of a metal vapor electric-discharge lamp. The glow lamp 2' consists of a bimetal electrode 2a and an electrode bar 2b installed facing each other in a glass tube and a self-heating bimetal electrode 2c installed in contact with the electrode 2a; electricity is fed to the electrodes 2b and 2c. The bimetal electrode 2a is deformed by glow discharge between the bimetal electrode 2a and the electrode bar 2b so as to bring the electrode 2a into contact with the electrode 2b, and the glow lamp 2' is ignited by the pulse voltage of a chalk 5 at the moment when the electrodes 2a and 2b are continuously shorted, the glow lamp 2' is ignited by separating the electrode 2c from the electrode 2a by the heating of the electrode 2c. As a result, no other bimetals are necessary and only a small space is needed to accommodate a metal vapor electric-discharge lamp.

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February 15, 1985
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July 29, 1983
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H01J61/54; H05B41/08; (IPC1-7): H05B41/18