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Japanese Patent JP01164554
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PURPOSE: To prevent the vibration of a shaft at the time of high-speed rotation so as to increase a grinding force by forming a fixing member composed of a sleeve to be hat-shaped body opened in a disk side and providing an outer rim brought into contact with a disk backside for pressing the same.

CONSTITUTION: A fixing member composed of a hat-shaped body 9 is fixed to the backside of a disk 1, i.e., the surface of a side opposite a buff pad 2. An outer rim 10 of this hat-shaped body 9 is freely brought into contact with the backside of the disk 1. A second shaft part 7a has a threaded part reaching the sleeve 12 of this fixing member 9, and a reinforcing nut 13 is threadedly engaged with the outer surface of this second shaft part 7a. By fastening this second shaft part 7a in the direction of the disk 1, the hat-shaped fixing member 9 is pressed to the disk 1, torque from the second shaft part 7a is transmitted through the reinforcing nut 13 and the fixing member 9 to the disk 1, and thus a strong grinding force is exhibited by the buff pad 2 without deviating the center of a shaft 3.

Reiling, Reinhold
Reiling, Karl
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Publication Date:
June 28, 1989
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June 08, 1988
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B24B29/00; B24B45/00; B24D7/16; B24D9/08; B24D13/14; B24B29/00; B24B45/00; B24D7/00; B24D9/00; B24D13/00; (IPC1-7): B24B29/00; B24B45/00; B24D13/14