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Japanese Patent JPH104621
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To sufficiently seal a grommet with a small amount of sealing material, by providing a sealing chamber having a groove-like cross section which is opened toward a wire harness in a passing section.

In a grommet 21, an engaging section 23, engaged with a through hole 41 and provided with an engaging groove 24, is integrally formed with a passing section 22 through which a wire harness 30 is passed in a planar disk section 25, and a sealing chamber 26, having a groove-like cross section opened toward the harness 30, is provided in the section 22. A sealing material mixed by means of a mixing head 50 is injected into the chamber 26 through an injection hole 28, and when a fixed amount is injected, the material 29 fills up the chamber 26 and the spaces among the wires of the harness 30, as the material 29 cures. When the material 29 completely cures, the sealing action of the grommet 21 is completed. Therefore, the sealability of the grommet 21 can be improved with a small amount of sealing material and can be maintained for a long period, because the material 29 always foams from a fixed volume and penetrates into the spaces among the wires, without releasing the blowing pressure generated by the reaction.

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January 06, 1998
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June 13, 1996
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B60R16/02; F16L5/02; H01B17/58; H02G3/22; (IPC1-7): H02G3/22; B60R16/02; F16L5/02; H01B17/58
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西脇 民雄