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Japanese Patent JP3348885
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PURPOSE: To provide a hand-actuated insertion tool having an improved structure for overcoming conventional defects in design and cost, such as that insertion and manipulation and difficult.
CONSTITUTION: A hand-actuated insertion tool 30 is composed of a handle assembly 32, an elongated outer support tube 34, an elongated inner pull rod 36, and a coupling mechanism 38. The handle assembly comprises a first handle member 40 and a second handle member 42 which is pivotally mounted to the first handle member so as to be movable between an unactuated position and an actuated position. The outer support tube is attached to the first handle member so as to be stationary relative to the first handle member. The inner pull rod 36 is fitted in the support tube so as to slidable therein between an original position and a retracted position. The inner pull rod is pivoted on the outer support tube by means of the coupling mechanism so that it slides from the original position to the retracted position relative to the outer support tube when the second handle member is moved from the unactuated position to the actuated position, relative to the first handle member.

Cuba, Gary W.
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Publication Date:
November 20, 2002
Filing Date:
October 20, 1992
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B25B27/00; B25B27/20; B25B27/30; B25B31/00; G21C21/00; (IPC1-7): B25B27/30; G21C21/00
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曾我 道照 (外6名)