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Japanese Patent JPH04130796
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PURPOSE: To solder only an electronic component to a board, and mount a heat sink on the component after soldering by providing a heat sink base, a refrigerant discharge duct provided at a position corresponding to the component, and a refrigerant inlet duct provided on the upper surface of the base.

CONSTITUTION: A ceramic board 1 is soldered to a printed board 4, and a stopper 4-1 having a tap hole is secured to a predetermined position on the board 4. A heat sink 5 has a refrigerant inlet duct 5-2 on the upper surface of a heat sink base 5-1 of a part to be superposed with the board 1, a refrigerant discharge duct 5-3 having a heat dissipation fin 5-3-1 on the inner flat part on the lower surface, and a through hole 5-4 at a part to be superposed with the stopper 4-1 of the board 4, so mounted on the board 4 that the board 1 is superposed with the duct 5-3 on the lower surface of the base 5-1, and a bolt 6 is clamped to the tap hole of the stopper 4-1 via the hole 5-4 to interpose to hold the board 1 between the board 4 and the sink 5, thereby forming a structure in which the board 1 is brought into close contact with the sink 5.

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Publication Date:
May 01, 1992
Filing Date:
September 21, 1990
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International Classes:
H05K7/20; (IPC1-7): H05K7/20
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Uchihara Shin

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