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Japanese Patent JP2000102415
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To provide a hermetic container which allows the rapid releasing of the hermeticity between a container body and a cap and the smooth opening of the cap when opening the cap while maintaining the good hermeticity described above.

The hermetic container A is formed by screwing the cap 1 for opening and closing the aperture of the container body 2 to one end of the container body 2, mounting an annular gasket 24 to either of the container body 2 or the cap 1 and forming an annular rib 1b at the other. The maintaining of the hermetic state in the container body 2 by bringing the annular rib 1b and the annular gasket 24 into pressurized contact with each other when the cap is closed is thereby made possible. In such a case, at least either of the container body 2 or the cap 1 is provided with an engaging part 1d for maintaining the cap 1 in the closed state. The container body 2 is provided with a push piece 23 for releasing the hermetic state of the annular gasket 24 and the annular rib 1b by pressing the annular gasket 24 or annular rib 1b of the cap 1 and pulling up the cap 1 by overcoming the engaging force of the engaging part 1d.

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Publication Date:
April 11, 2000
Filing Date:
September 30, 1998
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International Classes:
A45D40/00; A45D40/22; (IPC1-7): A45D40/00; A45D40/22
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中川 周吉 (外1名)