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Japanese Patent JP2000121062
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To reduce the materials used in a high-frequency heating device to a necessary minimum and to prevent the user of the device from getting burnt by providing a contacting section with a floor plate at the front end of a bottom plate connected to the electric chamber of the heating device by using an overturning preventing safety fitting, decorative plate, etc., and not making the size of the bottom plate larger than the main body of the heating device.

The heating chamber 1 in and out of which a food 7 is taken of a vertically opened high-frequency heating device is provided with an opening 1-a for taking the food 7 in and out of the chamber 1, a bottom face section 1-b, and a heating means 2 for heating the food 7. The heating chamber 1 is also provided with a door means 3 which opens and closes the opening 1-a, an electric chamber 4 and a bottom plate 5 both of which are joined to the section 1-b, an overturning preventing fitting 6 connected to a leg section 5-1 engaged with the bottom plate 5, and a container 8 for housing the food 7. When the food 7 is taken out of the chamber 1 immediately after the food 7 is heated by opening the door 3 of the heating device and placed on the foremost end of the door 3, the fitting 6 comes into contact with a floor surface and prevents the overturning of the heating device before the device tilts due to the weights of the food 7 and container 8. When the loads of a large amount of food 7 and the container 8 are applied to the door 3, the user of the heating device can also be prevented from getting burnt by the falling-down part of the high-temperature food 7.

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Publication Date:
April 28, 2000
Filing Date:
October 19, 1998
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H05B6/64; F24C7/02; (IPC1-7): F24C7/02; H05B6/64
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Fumio Iwahashi (2 others)