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Japanese Patent JP2003151339
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To provide an illuminating balloon highly reliable, less in labor for maintenance independently of a working site and adaptable to inflate.

The illuminating balloon having an inflatable casing 12 comprises a control unit 18 intensively provided in the casing 12. The control unit 18 contains an electric air suction device 52 having a suction port for sucking air from the outside and a feed port for feeding air into an internal space of the balloon. The control unit 18 also contains an electronic circuit 58 for supplying electric power to the electric air suction device 52 and a bulb 16. The control unit 18 further contains a cover 28 for supporting the bulb 16 and a protecting frame 38 which avoids the casing 12 from contacting the bulb 16 and which extends near the upper part of the casing 12 for giving mechanical rigidity to the balloon structure.

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Publication Date:
May 23, 2003
Filing Date:
October 02, 1997
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International Classes:
F21S2/00; F21S4/00; F21S8/00; F21S8/08; F21V17/02; F21S9/02; F21V3/00; F21V15/02; F21V21/22; F21V23/00; A63H27/10; F21W131/00; F21Y101/00; (IPC1-7): F21V21/22; F21V17/02
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Kazuo Sato (2 outside)