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Japanese Patent JP3135489
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To make optimum phase transition possible by operating a device body in accordance with the operation command of the device body if the temp. of a fixing roller is within a fixable temp. when there is an operation command of the device body during a cooling stage.
SOLUTION: Cooling is started by an inside cylinder 27 in order to make the phase transition layer 25 in a molten state amorphous. Whether the phase transition layer 25 is amorphatized or not is judged and the cooling is shifted to the next step when the layer is amorphatized. If the amorphatization is not ended, the cooling is continued as it is. The amorphatized phase transition 25 is heated. Whether the outer peripheral surface of the fixing roller 13 is heated by the heated phase transition layer 25 to the fixable temp. or not is judged. The heating is continued until the fixable temp. is attained. The effect that the fixing roller 13 is ready to fix and a copying operation is ready is displayed on a liquid crystal display panel 18 in order to announce this extent to the operator when the fixable temp. is attained.

Matsuo, Minoru
Kobayashi, Toshio
Jibiki, Yuichi
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Publication Date:
February 13, 2001
Filing Date:
October 04, 1995
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G03G21/00; F16C13/00; G03G15/20; (IPC1-7): G03G15/20; F16C13/00; G03G15/20; G03G21/00
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西脇 民雄