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Imaging device
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Japanese Patent JP5952111
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To ensure a strength sufficient for supporting an optical system even if the diameter of the optical system is large, and to suppress local temperature rise in an appearance part by efficiently dissipating heat generated by an electronic element.SOLUTION: An imaging apparatus includes: a lens unit including an imaging optical system; an exterior cover made of a metal; a lens barrel unit which is provided so as to project from the exterior cover and into which at least a part of the lens unit is loosely inserted; an imager unit having an imager and an imager substrate; a base member made of a metal to which the imager unit is fixed and which adjusts the inclination of the imager; a main substrate mounted with a heat-generating electronic element; a battery chamber for housing a battery; a first heat dissipation member made of a metal; and an elastic second heat dissipation member. The imager unit and the main substrate are arranged adjacent to each other in a direction substantially orthogonal to the optical axis. The first heat dissipation member is arranged so as to face the main substrate. The second heat dissipation member is held between the first heat dissipation member and the electronic element. The base member and the first heat dissipation member are thermally connected.

Ryo Matsumura
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July 13, 2016
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July 04, 2012
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Sigma Co., Ltd.
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H04N5/225; G03B17/02; G03B17/55; H05K7/20
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